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New Zealand Episode 2 Recap

Buckle up, adrenaline junkies. Race to Survive: New Zealand got here by with a brand-new episode, and we noticed our first workforce get eradicated.

Within the Race to Survive premiere, we met 9 groups courageous (and loopy) sufficient to topic themselves to a 40-day, 150-mile race with no meals, no shelter, and worst of all, no loos. They kicked off the primary race, challenged to a course consisting of rocky rivers, steep chasms, and winding forest paths.

By the top of Episode 1, three groups pushed to the entrance of the pack, whereas a number of others struggled to remain out of final place. This week, all the racers miraculously made it to Survival Camp in a single piece, however one workforce simply didn’t fairly make it there quick sufficient. Right here’s what occurred in Race to Survive New Zealand, Episode 2, “Packrafts, Portages, and Ache” and the way everybody completed the primary leg of the race.

Teamwork prevails on the entrance of the pack

Steffen Jean-Pierre and Mikhail Martin climbing across rocks on Race to Survive: New Zealand
Photograph Credit score: Tim Williams/USA Community

The distinctive factor about Race to Survive is how a lot workforce dynamics affect the gameplay. Some groups convey sheer bodily prowess whereas others convey outdoorsmanship. No matter what they create to the race, they’re all simply people making an attempt to outlive, and the best way they work together with their teammates has an impression on the end result of the sport. In Episode 2, these distinctive workforce dynamics grew to become increasingly clear.

As an illustration, the River Guides had been in lock-step with one another all through your complete episode. They’re besties, and after they had an opportunity to strategize their means down the river, they did so effortlessly and gained an enormous lead.

The Hunters, Ryan, and Bronsen, additionally appear to be working collectively effortlessly. A part of that’s in all probability as a result of Bronsen has a deep accountability to not disappoint his father-in-law. There’s a wedding on the road, for crying out loud!

Bickering on the racecourse

Heather and Emilio on Race to Survive: New Zealand carrying a raft
Photograph Credit score: Tim Williams/USA Community

The Divorcees, Paulina, and Creighton, had been clearly having a tough time in Race 1 as a result of they couldn’t agree on something. Paulina tried to attribute it to the truth that she’s extra “emotional” and he’s extra “logical.” Opposites appeal to, however she mentioned their relationship took that idea too far. You possibly can see simply how a lot it’s impacting their journey on RTS.

For instance, Creighton wished a meals crate, however Paulina didn’t. Creighton wished to forage for some goose eggs. Paulina didn’t. However, what’s hilarious to observe as a viewer is that they’re each proper typically, they usually complement one another on the course. This week, Creighton was proper concerning the goose eggs, they usually ended up having an enormous serving to of scrambled eggs for dinner.

Heather and Emilio, the Rhode Island “health club rats,” even have a novel dynamic that has been revealed by the strain of the race. The 2 exercise buddies bicker like siblings, however by some means, that appears to assist them transfer sooner down the course. At one level within the episode, Heather struggles with the concept of leaping off a cliff into some mysterious waters. You possibly can’t blame her for not wanting to leap off a cliff. That’s known as having frequent sense. Nonetheless, Emilio was on the backside of the cliff cheering on his “psycho sister.”

Heather ultimately jumped, and we realized that this entire race had a a lot larger which means for her. She revealed that her docs found early phases of breast most cancers, so she needed to endure a number of surgical procedures. She added a complete new factor of “survival” to Race to Survive.

The perks of ending first

Spencer "Corry" Jones and Oliver Dev posing in their cast pictures for Race to Survive: New Zealand
Photograph Credit score: Patrik Giardino/USA Community

On the finish of Race 1, Day 2, three groups made it to Survival Camp: The River Guides, The Hunters, and The Smokejumpers. On this race, ending first meant getting your arms on some much-needed perks to make Survival Camp just a little bit much less horrible. That they had the choice to decide on between a hammock, a fishing equipment, three kilos of bacon, or a firestarting equipment. Selections, choices.

The River Guides obtained there first, they usually took a second to determine which perk to decide on. Bacon would give them on the spot gratification, however they settled with the fishing set, hoping it will assist them safe meals for the lengthy haul. They’re all the time pondering technique.

The Hunters made it to Survival Camp in second place and naturally, they selected the bacon as their perk. That appeared very on-brand for them and actually, have you ever ever seen somebody that enthusiastic about bacon? You would see the enjoyment of their eyes as they crisped it up at their campsite and you can nearly scent it by the display screen.

Then, the Smokejumpers made it to the camp good after the Hunters, they usually had been so bummed that they missed out on their probability for bacon. Begrudgingly, they took the hammock. They simply needed to lay there whereas the aroma of crispy bacon taunted their noses.

Race 1, Day 3

Steffen Jean-Pierre and Mikhail Martin on Race to Survive New Zealand
Photograph Credit score: Tim Williams/USA Community

On the ultimate day of Race 1, the remaining six groups made their push to the end line. A few of them had empty stomachs, whereas others had been feeling homesick, like Jeff the Ultramarathoner who teared up speaking about his daughters at dwelling cheering him on.

Kennedy from the Oil Rigger workforce additionally had a weak second on Day 3 the place she opened up about her relationship along with her mother, or lack thereof. Nonetheless, she didn’t wish to cry on digital camera as a result of she didn’t wish to come off as a “sissy bitch,” so we’ll transfer previous that scene too!

Elsewhere on the course, the Divorcees managed to bicker their approach to the end line, filled with their goose eggs. At Survival Camp, they ended up getting caught with the firestarter equipment, which they weren’t too thrilled about. They mentioned it was “large and heavy.” plus, they already had one. Clearly, bacon would have been higher. It will have gone completely with these goose eggs.

The Cool Mothers, Rhandi and Ashley additionally made it to Survival Camp on Day 3. They missed out on getting perks from the Finish Crate, however they didn’t care. They had been pleased with themselves for ending and after organising camp, Ashley took a number of seconds to use a contemporary set of eyelashes. Generally, it’s the little issues.

Kennedy and Nik, the Canadian Oilriggers struggled their approach to Survival Camp in seventh place. They tumbled down the rapids after which thought that carrying their boat across the river can be simpler. That it ended up being ten occasions more durable. Though they had been bodily exhausted, they had been in good spirits after they lastly made it to Survival Camp. Nik celebrated their end by snacking on a honeybee. In keeping with him, you simply rip the stinger out, and it tastes like honey! Please don’t do that, we’d like the bees to be our buddies.

A struggle to the end

Heather from Race to Survive: New Zealand climbing up the side of a rock
Photograph Credit score: Tim Williams/USA Community

On the finish of Day 3, it got here right down to The Rhode Islanders and the Brooklyn Climbers battling to remain within the sport. They had been each trucking it down the river in eighth and ninth place, and it genuinely appeared prefer it may go in any course.

The Brooklyn Climbers had the lead, however they had been additionally working on an empty abdomen. They didn’t get any meals caches all through your complete race, so that they had been mainly ravenous. Then again, The Rhode Islanders had energy on their aspect, with their meals cache energy fueling their struggle down the river.

As they paddled for his or her lives, the Rhode Islanders may see the Brooklynites forward of them. They had been so near catching as much as them, and their spirits by no means wavered. However, the Brooklynites obtained to the Finish Crate first.

Emilio and Heather from Rhode Island confirmed up in ninth place, so that they had been the primary workforce eradicated on Race to Survive: New Zealand. Nonetheless, it didn’t really feel like a defeat. The entire different groups rallied round them, they usually celebrated the truth that they made it to the end line of such an intense race.

“We didn’t surrender. We didn’t cease as soon as,” Heather mentioned earlier than hugging Emilio.

After a quick, teary celebration with the opposite racers, a helicopter descended on the racecourse and took Heather and Emilo again to civilization. In the meantime, the remainder of the racers prepped for Race 2, with all of them nonetheless within the working for the $500,000 grand prize.

Right here’s a fast take a look at how everybody completed Race 1.

  1. The River Guides, Oliver, and Corry
  2. The Hunters, Bronsen, and Ryan
  3. The Smokejumpers, Ethan and Tyrie
  4. The Divorcees, Creighton, and Paulina
  5. The Ultramarathoners, Jeff, and Coree
  6. The Cool Mothers, Rhandi, and Ashley
  7. The Oil Riggers, Nik, and Kennedy
  8. The Brooklyn Climbers, Mikhail, and Steffen
  9. ELIMINATED — The Rhode Islanders, Emilio, and Heather

Race to Survive: New Zealand continues on USA Community, Monday nights at 11/10c.


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