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Why Sauron Appears Completely different in The Rings of Energy Season 2

It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that Sauron’s new look screams Elf. His human type in Season 1 has a shorter hairdo, scruffy facial hair, a weather-beaten look, and gruff manners. He even spends many of the season dressed within the tough, sensible garb of Males. The opening shot of the brand new teaser reveals us this model of the Darkish Lord one final time earlier than all of these mortal attributes fade away, changed by one thing that’s far more Elvish in nature.

All through the remainder of the teaser, Sauron has lengthy, flowing blonde hair, a clean, clean-shaven face, regal clothes, and people trademark pointy ears. To place it merely, Sauron seems to be like an Elf now. The query is, why?

The best reply is that, in Tolkien’s world, the Darkish Lord is legendary for his potential to shapeshift — one thing that makes it simple for the Amazon collection to debut a second Sauron in Season 2. Sauron is especially good at this earlier in his life. For example, over the course of a single struggle in “The Silmarillion” (lengthy earlier than “The Rings of Energy” story), he turns right into a wolf, a serpent, a monster, after which his regular self.

Whereas that explains the “how,” although, it does not fairly reply the why. Why would Sauron appear like an Elf? The probably reply is that, effectively, he is not masquerading as an Elf in any respect. As a substitute, what we’re seemingly is the Darkish Lord in a type that Tolkien calls “Annatar, Lord of Items.”

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