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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Marvel Hasn’t Had One Feminine Silver Surfer

Nova and Golden Oldie are among the many honorable mentions as feminine heroes who served Galactus however did not outright turn into Silver Surfers.

Frankie Raye debuts in “Implausible 4” #164 as a United Nations interpreter in a relationship with Johnny Storm. She has comparable skills to the Human Torch, with an accident involving chemical substances giving her fiery powers. Finally, Nova volunteers to be the herald of Galactus and assist the Devourer of Worlds find uninhabited planets to feed on in change for saving Earth. Nova is the second most recognizable character to carry the title and has labored alongside Norrin Radd’s Silver Surfer.

Golden Oldie is a a lot much less severe herald of Galactus, coming from an alternate universe story, “Marvel Staff-Up” #137 (by Michael Carlin, Greg LaRocque, Mike Esposito, Bob Sharen, and Joe Rosen). Within the story, Aunt Might turns into Galactus’ servant after he initially searches Earth for Franklin Richards. The comedian options Galactus’ starvation being satiated by Twinkies, together with a scene the place Might, aka Golden Oldie, finds a planet product of the desert to feast on. Finally, the story seems to be a dream.

Regardless of preliminary rumors, it is unlikely Julia Garner’s Silver Surfer will pull from Nova or Golden Oldie’s tales. However nonetheless, a feminine Silver Surfer’s arrival within the MCU opens up important storytelling potential and should develop Marvel lore in thrilling and surprising methods.

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