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What The New Star Wars Film’s Working Title Would possibly Imply

The final couple years of pre-Disney “Star Wars” are sometimes uncared for within the minds of followers. They did not have time to draw main consideration or develop long-term storylines, and a few of them have been canceled earlier than reaching pure conclusions. “Daybreak of the Jedi” begins greater than 36,000 years earlier than the occasions of the primary “Star Wars” movies, however the primary motion takes place nearer to 25,000 BBY — the identical basic period during which the brand new movie might be set.

Within the previous Expanded Universe, aka the “Star Wars” Legends timeline, the Jedi started as an much more religious order known as the Je’Daii. “Daybreak of the Jedi” explores how the earliest members of this order have been drawn to the planet Tython to review the Drive. The principle battle comes within the type of the Rakatan Infinite Empire, a faction of historic conquerors most notable for his or her function within the “Star Wars: Knights of the Outdated Republic” video video games. The comics additionally take care of the Kwa, one other historic species accountable for erecting huge interstellar journey units.

Given Disney’s historical past with adapting Expanded Universe tales, it is doubtless that some however not all of those particulars could possibly be featured within the “Daybreak of the Jedi” film. The Rakata have technically been reintroduced to canon by way of a throwaway reference Easter egg in “Andor” Season 1. And for the reason that Kwa have been linked to the planet Dathomir, they may play into the present “Star Wars” storylines as effectively.

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